Today’s Seniors Are Yesterday’s Executives,
Politicians, Artists and Business People.
They are Mothers, Fathers, Grandparents, Great Aunts and Uncles.

They’re Used to the Lifestyle They’ve Earned and Enjoyed
They Shouldn’t Have to Lose It Simply Because of Age and Memory Impairment

Our Memory Services Include:

Memory Care Specialists • Travel Companions • Geriatric Care Manager • Family Training Coach

We strive to be the industry standard of the highest quality of Memory Care. This is accomplished by hiring, retaining highly qualified professionals. They provide an invaluable service, combining patience, compassion, caring, dependability, professionalism, honesty, flexibility, problem solving, a positive attitude and a love to create an exceptional care experience for your family member.

It is So Rewarding, When the Family
Sees and Hears the Stress Drain Initially and Then Again when
Positive Solutions have been Found for all of the Difficult Behaviors

Whatever type of dementia your loved one has been diagnosed with, you will need to make adjustments to their lifestyle to ensure you keep them safe, healthy and happy. It is well documented that Alzheimer’s disease causes severe memory loss, distorted thinking and personality changes. As a result, many caregivers have great difficulty managing the dementia behavior.

Memory Care Specialists have worked extensively with loved ones with Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia. They are particularly focused on creating a dementia friendly home environment. Meaning that, with appropriate assessment and modification to the home, Our Memory Care Specialists become equipped in managing behavior symptoms within the home environment.

Once the crisis is past, your Specialists will also provide an additional service as a Memory Care Travel Companion for your family member. We strive to improve the well-being of your loved one, by encouraging social stimulation to various outings their adult children may suggest in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our Companions knows that everything will take longer and will allow extra time to be safe.

Geriatric Care Managers, will provide your family with long-term support, guidance, counseling, products and resources. When the family does not live nearby and you have serious concerns about your family members care, our Geriatric Care Managers, will ensure their safety, independence and their quality of life. The family establishes a relationship with our Geriatric Care Manager, who gets to know your loved one as a unique individual and develops a relationship of trust and respect with all family members.

Our Family Training Coaches are experienced, compassionate professionals, who have worked extensively, training all family members to learn a variety of behavior management techniques. Your coach will provide you with effective strategies and skills to understand how to interact with your family member, to have a positive outcome.

Our Specialists are extensively trained, retrained, insured, bonded and they treat clients with the utmost respect and dignity at all times. Many have had their own family member or someone they’ve known with this debilitating disease and they understand providing care can be very challenging and stressful at times.

You will find our services informative, friendly, and above all personalized to the specific needs of your loved one. All potential applicants go t hrough a rigorous screening process.

Our Purpose is to Provide Immediate Crisis Intervention
and Restore Your Loved One to their Maximum Level of
Essential Skills for Achieving Independence.

Caring for a family member, with Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia, can be challenging. Just as every person suffering from dementia is different, so is the approach to caring for your loved one with memory loss. Even though the person may seem to not be able to understand the things that are being said, or they may appear to have limited connection to the environment surrounding them, there is a very good chance that they will still respond to affection, holding their hands, and a calm soothing voice. Our purpose is to provide immediate crisis intervention and restore your loved one to their maximum level of essential skills for achieving independence. All necessary care, services, support, products and guidance will be provided directly, by Overcoming the Challenge.

Care for those who once cared for us

Our Memory Care Services include:

Memory Care Specialists

Our Memory Care Specialists are the industry standard of best quality Memory Care. They combine compassion, caring, professionalism, honesty, problem solving, a positive attitude and a love to create an exceptional care plan.


Travel Companions

Have experienced skills needed to deal with a safe outing for your loved one, to enjoy going out in the community and taking advantage of all the wonderful activities available to you. We encourage social stimulation to various outings their adult children may suggest in the San Francisco Bay Area.


Geriatric Care Manager

A team approach can help reduce family members and their caregiver burnout, add different perspectives and fresh ideas and ultimately, provide a more comprehensive approach for better care for your loved one.


Family Training Coach

Our Alzheimer’s Training Coaches are experienced, compassionate professionals who have worked extensively with individuals with Alzheimer’s and their families and caregivers.