People with Alzheimer's are Happiest, When They are
Living as Independently as Possible, in their Own Homes,
With Familiar Routines and Familiar People Around Them.

Memory Care Specialists provide premium in-home memory care, which enhances the well-being of your loved one. Our standards of care allow them to use innovative skills and strategies to best meet the needs of your family member. Our Specialists also focus on safety supervision, support with activities that maximize independence, as well as assistance with personal hygiene and grooming.

Memory Care Specialists

  • Learn how to simplify tasks so that the person with Alzheimer’s can more fully and safely participate in his own care
  • Speak in new ways to accommodate language changes
  • Gain confidence in sustaining a positive relationship with the person with Alzheimer’s and their families.
  • Identify the behavior symptoms exhibited by the dementia clients. And understand and accept the behaviors of dementia
  • Identify environmental clues that trigger challenging behaviors
  • Identify techniques in redirecting challenging behaviors

Understand and address the following behavioral symptoms:

Confused • Combative • Refusal of Care • Resistance to Bathing

Wanting to Go Home • Sleep Disturbances • Sundowning Behaviors

Overcoming the Challenge
Provides a Care Plan that will be Tailor Made for your Loved One

Your Memory Care Specialists will enter daily chart notes, observe and report any changes in your loved one's behavior and discuss them with the Geriatric Care Manager.

We will listen to you and find out their needs, whilst always respecting your wishes throughout. Before making a plan, consider: Creating a daily routine the person's likes, dislikes, strengths, abilities and interests, how the person used to structure his or her day, what times of day the person functions best, ample time for meals, bathing and dressing and regular times for waking up and going to bed, experiences sleep issues and sundowning.