Can a Person who has Alzheimer’s Travel Safely?

The simple answer is yes, with proper planning and precautions

You deserve to be out there enjoying yourself. We make it easy for your loved one to enjoy going out in the community and taking advantage of all the wonderful activities available to you in the San Francisco Bay Area. Overcoming the Challenge strives to improve the "Quality of Life" for our clients by encouraging social stimulation to various outings, for your loved, and their adult children may suggest.

Our Memory Care Specialists, over a period of time, become their Travel Companion. Our Travel Companions have experienced skills needed to deal with a safe outing. They understand that the person with Alzheimer’s has complex behaviors issues. For this reason, we believe that personal attention is key to an outstanding experience and helps to ensure a smooth trip for everyone. We provide more time to spend with your loved one and more time to share the personal insights that can add so much to your experience. Our Travel Companions knows that everything will take longer and will allow extra time to be safe.

My family thought mother's outing activities were over, then they
discovered Overcoming the Challenge's Travel Companions

Requirements for a Safe Outing Experience

Always, first consult your Physician before traveling. Have copies of their Health Insurance, Medication List, Doctors and other Vital Contact Information Handy. We will also provide pre-printed cards to discreetly hand to others at the start of an encounter. The cards say, “My Travel Companion has Memory Issues, Your Patience is Appreciated.” We put on the back of your cards, your name, address and backup cell numbers of a family member or friend who knows your travel plans. We will hand these cards to the restaurant wait staff, museums, symphonies, concerts plays, movies, etc. Also, they most provide some type of identification information on them, such as an ID bracelet.

Just because you are already in your advanced years, does not mean that you have to stay at home

Our services help make it possible for your loved ones with Alzheimer's, to enjoy activities with the security, companionship and offer the assistance when needed to our clients by our Travel Companions. Our goal is to provide a monthly calendar of events of activities available, special day trips, as well as weekend excursions or take them to their favorite restaurants (Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner with family members or friends).

Where would you like to visit?

Legion of Honor • De Young Museum • California Academy of Science • Asian Art Museum • San Francisco Zoo • Conservatory of Flowers • Japanese Tea Garden • Symphonies • Concerts • Plays • Movies • and many more to see in the San Francisco Bay Area